Learn About CDS & Associates
CDS & Associates in Rockford, Illinois, is a full service, technical communications and language translation company established in 1991. Our services are utilized by a wide range of manufacturers promoting their business by having CDS translate support documents into other languages for export of products or for use in the United States. We utilize technical translators experienced with engineering principles to ensure they have the technical understanding of essential mechanical, hydraulic and electrical knowledge.
Our business philosophy is simple. Attentive customer service and consistent communications make all the difference in a well-executed project. At CDS & Associates, we take pride in our ability to develop and keep strong business relationships supported by open channels of communication between the client and our appointed project managers. In most cases, we will personally follow up on a completed project to ensure full satisfaction. Our goal is to create fulfilling, long-term business relationships by being actively available to clients, since we believe this essential element is missing in today's business world.