Quality Technical Manual Translation & Document Translation Services
WHY USE CDS? We are not your standard translation company. With over 25 years of both technical manual translation and document translation experience, CDS & Associates understands and identifies with the pitfalls and cultural nuances presented when translating technical documents. Whether you need a simple text translation or have recurring, high volume projects, as with technical manuals, we are your reliable translation resource.
Document Translation
CDS & Associates uses only accredited translators with proven experience in a variety of industries. Their skills, in conjunction with state of the art translation software tools, ensure accuracy and consistency for every project. Key markets we provide services for include:

Automotive | Heavy Construction Equipment | Medical | Electronics | Building Equipment & Materials | Food & Packaging Industry | Machine Systems | Mining Equipment | Consumer Products | Paper Making Machinery | Rail Systems Agriculture | Aerospace..... and many more.

Types of Documents
CDS & Associates lends its experience to a wide range of marketing and technical data. Listed below are some examples:

Marketing brochures & data sheets | Product Catalogs | Handbooks | Technical Manuals | Engineering Drawings and Schematics | Websites | HMI software screen messages | Training Manuals | Illustrated Parts Catalogs
Desktop Publishing
Our desktop publishers are skilled professionals who will take your translated text and reformat it to match the specifications of the original English source templates. Although some translated languages may force slight reconfigurations to the template layout, our desktop publishing experts will do their best to maintain the integrity of the originals. Using both PC and Macintosh platforms, CDS & Associates works with a variety of desktop publishing and graphics software to meet your technical needs, such as:

Microsoft Word™ | PageMaker™ | InDesign™ | Acrobat™ | FrameMaker™ | Excel™ | PowerPoint™ | QuarkXPress™ | Interleaf™ Illustrator™ | IsoDraw™ | Corel Draw ™ | AutoCAD™ | Solidworks™