Promote Your Business with CDS & Associates
In addition to document technical translation, CDS & Associates in Rockford, Illinois, provides web localization and voice over production services to capitalize on the changing needs of global clients. These specialized services will ensure that the information on your website is tailored for individual cultures, taking into account specific biases and cultural sensitivities that can sometimes impact a business relationship. Whether you wish to boost your web presence globally, or voice dubbing to your existing promotional or instructional media for your target audience, our professional experts can expand your market reach.
Website Localization Services
Today nearly 40% of the world uses the internet. It is estimated that in approximately 20 years 100% of the world will have access to the world wide web. Asia, the Americas and Europe presently comprise 50%, or one half, of all internet users in the world. CDS & Associates can maximize the potential of your company's website for the international marketplace by translating and globalizing your information for a worldwide audience. In addition to producing written language translations and any required format changes, our team pays particular attention to key cultural differences for your target audience to ensure effective messaging. Improve your competitive edge today with detailed web localization services.

Voice over Services & Foreign Language Audio Dubbing
CDS & Associates can also assist your company with complete, broadcast quality promotional foreign language audio dubbing, or voice over services, utilizing professional native narrators for most major languages. Whether you need a simple commercial spot, a detailed easy-to-understand tutorial, or a lengthy video or powepoint instructional sequence that will guide your customers through the use and maintenance of your product, our professionals will create a product to meet your expectations. And if necessary, we can also develop your voice over narrations to include subtitles.

Certified Translation
CDS & Associates is also a provider of certified translations for immigration, naturalization, birth certificate and divorce decrees. With full certification and notarization if required.